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Consider us your all-in-one solution for constructing an exceptional remote team. We take care of all aspects, including local and international accounting, local tax filing, HR outsourcing, and even investment opportunities. Our team sources highly skilled accountants from the Philippines who align with your budget, ensuring seamless growth for your company. In summary, we provide the means to establish an efficient and cost-effective remote team.


Trusted by hundreds of business owners as the best accounting firm in the Philippines, United States, Canada, and Australia in providing local and global virtual accounting and bookkeeping services.Medium

Upcloud Accounting won the Top Quality Brand for Virtual Accounting Services in Asia Awards last 2022.


Our Vision

We aim to be the top advisor in the world of accounting and finance through the use of cloud-based and AI technology.

Our Mission

Helping companies achieve sustainable growth by providing the highest level of professionalism, transparency, and innovation in outsourced accounting and finance services.

Our Guarantee

We treat our client’s business as our own as well. As our standard, it has been our focus to not just do the work but also build strong business relationships with each of our clients through constant communication and coordination.



We ensure that your finances make sense and deliver financial reports to our clients regularly throughout the financial year – monthly or quarterly depending on your needs.



Upcloud Accounting offers comprehensive bookkeeping services that allow businesses to focus on their core operations while leaving their financial record-keeping in capable hands.



By outsourcing your payroll process to Upcloud Accounting, your business can benefit from an expertly run process that takes care and control of all employee-related payments as well as the mandatory filings of statutory taxes.



We also provide a Done-For-You (DFY) process of legalizing your business to the required Government Agencies, Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and Local Government Unit (LGU).



Upcloud Accounting ensures that your regular monthly, quarterly, and annual tax compliance for your business are being reported, filed, and paid before their respective due dates to save your business from any unwanted penalties.ngs of statutory taxes.



Our HR outsourcing services connect you with local talents who are ready to work directly with international clients. Simplify your hiring process and tap into a pool of skilled professionals who can seamlessly collaborate with your global team.


  • We automate your tax filing process for Philippine-based company.

  • We are known for our expertise in E-Commerce and Accounting Services

  • With a local presence, we are available at your convenience to provide assistance for you or your staff.

  • Assuming the role of the employer on record in the Philippines, we handle all compliance and administration responsibilities for your employees.When engaging with us, there is no involvement of third-party entities or intermediaries; you communicate directly with our team.

  • Encounter individuals with elevated skill levels, cultural alignment, and essential character qualities that are pivotal for your company.

  • Get the most valuable financial information that will enable you to understand your finances, plan for future growth, and make the best decision for your business.

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Maximize Your Business Growth by Lowering Employee and Operational Expenses through Our Offshore Accounting Staff Solutions

Our efficient and structured approach empowers you to dedicate your full attention to the core operations of your business while we meticulously handle the task of sourcing and delegating the best-suited accounting staff for your organization. With our thorough selection process, we ensure that the candidates we recommend align perfectly with your requirements, allowing you to confidently entrust your accounting needs to a competent and reliable team selected by us



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"It's soooo true that they do the "heavy-lifting" so I can go back to my happy place! I dont live in the Philippines while I do my web-based business at the moment and it's so comforting to know that a trusted firm is doing the taxes for me while I'm away from home!

They are so PROACTIVE that they are the ones reminding me about my obligations as a citizen even before these cross my mind! It's also a plus that the team is very friendly and detail-oriented. Hello, Jac and Mara!!

In a nutshell, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Upcloud Accounting! One of the best decisions I made this year is availing their service!".


Sheena Santos

"Upcloud accounting took care of my accounting needs and making sure that everything is on track and on time. I will be always thankful to the whole team especially to JAC"


Jac and his team of unicorn-awesome people were super accommodating. I first found out that Jac is the hero to solve my biggest freelancing problem (lol I mean??! Taxes?! What even is that?) when he conducted a free Q&A session about taxation basics. I took note of his profile link right away, but tried to read more about what I really needed to do first. Well. It’s not rocket science to realize that an English Education major would DEFINITELY need extra help with accounting. 😅 He was super responsive and accommodating with all my questions during our FREE consultation call too! He gives a lot of quality content for free huhu and I’m just superrr grateful that I got connected with him and Upcloud. Such a HUGE relief right from the start! These angels really know what they do and are more than willing to help anyone who needs their expertise. 💗 I know I won’t regret asking them to handle my account. Let them handle yours!!!


Thanks to my ever helpful accounting team. I am grateful for keeping my business in check!

Thanks for making my complex financials turn into something easily understandable. And your patience is truly commendable! No matter how many questions I throw at you or how many times I ask you to explain the same thing, you always have a smile ready and the patience to guide me through it all.

Every little detail you help me with all adds up to the business' collective success, helping me move forward with peace of mind and a brighter goal each time. And the way you go above and beyond, not just doing your job but ensuring I fully understand the financial aspects of my business, is such a huge help.

I'm so grateful to have known Jac, Aivon, Jason and for each and every one in the team and the stellar work that they do.

Keep being the amazing team that you are. Fly higher Upcloud Accounting!

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